very few people, when I was a boy, had tractors

[They] had horses and wagons.  [would] load them in the field and take them out to the broker. Unload them and back to the fields to reload. Horses and mules. Very few people, when I was a boy, had tractors. Very few.  We had one guy by the name of Brooks Horton, he used to go around plowing land for different people, and he had tractors.  Charged so much a acre.

And then eventually we got an old tractor, and that was a lifesaver.

There’s a lot of people, small farmers, had Model A Ford cars and stuff like that – they’d cut them in two and make them shorter and make a tractor out of them.  They pulled, you know, like a tractor.  Because it was short, you could turn in the field.  That’s why they cut them off.  Cut them in two and put them back together – shorter.  It was a mini old Model A cut up during them times.  There’s a lot of people wish they had them now.

They got rid of them once the tractor got a little bit plentiful.  You know, most people sold them for junk.

from an interview with Ernest Finney, summer 2009.


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